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There are so many options out there these days, you can get lost in it all. Whether you’re wondering about your cover options, or downright confused about health insurance, we have you sorted.

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Health insurance for gym membership

Will health insurance cover my gym membership?

Key Points Many Australians don’t know that some health insurance policies can save you up to several hundred dollars ......

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Health insurance for laser eye surgery

Does health insurance cover laser eye surgery?

Key Points Some health funds provide partial or total coverage for laser eye surgery with their comprehensive policies T......

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Private Health Insurance for Reconstructive Surgery

Key Points Reconstructive surgery relates to non-elective plastic surgery that improves the life of those with congenita......

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2019 Health Reforms

2019 Health Reforms: What changes can we expect?

Key Points The 2019 private health insurance reforms will continue to be rolled out over the year, with many significant......

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Gold product tier health insurance

2019 Health Reforms: Gold Health Insurance Policies

Key Points Health insurance reforms set to go into effect on 1 April 2019 will change the way health funds present their......

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Silver health insurance tier

2019 Health Reforms: Silver health insurance policies

Key Points On 1 April 2019, a new system of four main product tiers will be introduced for hospital cover policies. Ther......

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Bronze Health Insurance Tier

2019 Health Reforms: Bronze health insurance policies

On 1 April 2019 a new product tier system will be introduced for hospital cover. This will make policies easier to compa......

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2019 Health Insurance Reforms Basic Tier

2019 Health Reforms: Basic health insurance policies

Key Points One of the major components of the 2019 health insurance reforms will be introduced on 1 April 2019: product ......

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Your Guide to Hospital Cover in Australia

Medicare is fantastic for those who can’t afford or do not choose to purchase private health cover. In saying this, pu......

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Optical Cover

Optical Health Insurance: What Does it Cover?

If you need glasses, you’ll know how expensive a new set of frames can be! Especially if you have a high prescription.......

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Health Insurance for Families

Health Insurance for Families

Raising children is expensive enough without adding high medical costs on top, which is why most Australian families hav......

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Will Private Health Insurance Cover My Cosmetic Surgery?

Thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery? You may be wondering whether you’ll receive any assistance from your health i......

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Private Health Insurance for Athletes and Sports Players

Are you an avid sports player?  Do you consider yourself an athlete? If so, odds are you have at least thought about ho......

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Is Medicare Enough? Public vs. Private Health Care: Know Which is Right for You

Thinking about private health insurance but not sure where to start? Can you get by with Medicare or do you need further......

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Happy Family With Health Cover

4 Treatments Your Family Needs on Their Health Cover

Compare Health Cover   Deciding what to include in your health insurance cover can be very confusing and many famil......

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Trying for a Baby? Compare Health Cover for Fertility Treatment

For couples trying to conceive, working through issues of infertility can be frustrating, stressful, and heartbreaking. ......

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Health Insurance Extras Cover

Your Guide to Extras Cover in Australia

Extras cover, which is also known as general or ancillary cover, provides cover for the routine treatments that Aussies ......

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Overseas Visitor Health Coverage

Although Australia has a Medicare system to provide universal healthcare for residents, visitors are not always eligible......

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Orthodontics and Private Health Insurance

Orthodontia is a form of dentistry that focuses on studying and treating issues such as improper bites, tooth irregulari......

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Ambulance Chasing: How to Get the Best from the Ambulance-Cover Market

Imagine the terror that comes with an emergency, from calling 000 to seeing your loved one packed away in an ambulance. ......

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Hospital cover: Everything you need to know

If you fall sick and need professional treatment, you’re likely to end up relying on one of two healthcare systems.  ......

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Dental cover for adults

Private Health Insurance and Dental

Medicare covers a wide range of medical procedures for Australians, but the biggest blind spot comes in the area of adul......

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Hospital Cover, Extras Cover, Or Combined Cover? Know Your Needs!

In Australia, we are fortunate enough to have an extremely efficient public health care system in the form of Medicare. ......

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Health insurance for cancer

Health Insurance for Cancer

Key Points Medicare covers most cancer-related treatments and therapies up to a point. Any additional fee your practitio......

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Natural and Alternative Therapy; Woman Having Acupuncture Treatment

Does Health Insurance Cover Natural and Alternative Therapies?

While medical science is advancing rapidly, many people still seek the same treatments as our ancestors. We call these p......

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