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Can your health insurer drop you

Can your health insurer drop you without notice?

We’ve all heard the horror stories. You go about your business, confident in the knowledge that your health insurance ......

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Health cover buying guide

Do I need health insurance? Australian health cover buying guide

Do I need health insurance? It’s a fair question. Medicare covers a range of healthcare services for Australian citize......

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Health insurance benefits for rural and remote Australians

According to the National Rural Health Alliance Inc., the health status of Australians living in remote areas is worse t......

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How does health insurance affect my tax return?

Key Points You may be able to get a portion of your health insurance premiums back in your tax return or even get the am......

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Which health insurance companies are non-profit?

Key Points Not-for-profit health insurers reinvest their extra revenue towards members, usually in the form of lower pre......

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How do I choose a private health fund?

Key Points From 1 April 2019 it became easier to compare policies, as funds have to adhere to baseline product tiers for......

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What is healthcare fraud?

Key Points Healthcare fraud can be committed by individuals or healthcare providers. It costs the healthcare industry mi......

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Personal Accident Cover

Personal accident cover: What you need to know

Key Points Personal accident cover provides benefits if you are unable to work due to injuries sustained from an acciden......

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Restricted vs open funds

Restricted health funds vs open: What’s the difference?

Key Points Restricted health funds are only open to members of a specific group or industry. In many cases, family membe......

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2019 Health Reforms

2019 Health Reforms: What changes can we expect?

Key Points The 2019 private health insurance reforms will continue to be rolled out over the year, with many significant......

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Gold product tier health insurance

2019 Health Reforms: Gold Health Insurance Policies

Key Points Health insurance reforms set to go into effect on 1 April 2019 will change the way health funds present their......

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Silver health insurance tier

2019 Health Reforms: Silver health insurance policies

Key Points On 1 April 2019, a new system of four main product tiers will be introduced for hospital cover policies. Ther......

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Bronze Health Insurance Tier

2019 Health Reforms: Bronze health insurance policies

On 1 April 2019 a new product tier system will be introduced for hospital cover. This will make policies easier to compa......

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2019 Health Insurance Reforms Basic Tier

2019 Health Reforms: Basic health insurance policies

Key Points One of the major components of the 2019 health insurance reforms will be introduced on 1 April 2019: product ......

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Valentine's day health gift guide

12 healthy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so if you haven’t thought about gifts yet, don’t settle for a last-minute bu......

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Health insurance member networks in Australia

What Are Health Insurance Member Networks And How Do They Work?

Extras policies cover Australians for the medical services they use everyday. If you visit the dentist, optometrist, mas......

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Rejected! How to Appeal When Your Health Insurance Claim is Denied

You’ve submitted what you believe to be a legitimate health insurance claim only to have it denied. There are probably......

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How to Maintain Private Health Insurance After Losing A Job

The professional landscape is always changing, and nobody’s job is truly safe. Companies crash out of nowhere which fo......

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Ear Health: The Importance of Seeing an Audiologist

If you’ve started to notice that your hearing ability has decreased over recent years, you may want to visit an audiol......

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Going Overseas? Take a Holiday From Your Health Insurance Premiums

Australian private health insurance won’t cover you while you’re overseas—that’s what travel insurance is for. W......

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Optical Cover

Optical Health Insurance: What Does it Cover?

If you need glasses, you’ll know how expensive a new set of frames can be! Especially if you have a high prescription.......

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Health insurance rate rise 2019

Your Guide to the Health Insurance Rate Rise 2019

Key Points 2019 health insurance premiums are set to increase by an average of 3.25% on the 1st of April. The highest av......

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Healthy Christmas Gift Guide

Guilt-Free Christmas Gift Guide: 2018

Christmas rolls around at the same time every year. Somehow, knowing that it’s coming doesn’t make buying gifts any ......

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Will Health Insurance Help With Alcohol Addiction Rehab?

Many people like to drink alcohol but for some, it can lead to addiction. Over time, a tolerance for alcohol can develop......

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After-Hours GP Care: How Health Insurance Can Help

Getting sick can happen at any time, not just during business hours. So what should you do when you or a family member i......

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Health Insurance and Flu Season: Protecting Yourself & Your Family

It is estimated that 1 in 5 of us will suffer some symptoms this flu season. Although not serious for most people, flu c......

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Will Private Health Insurance Cover My Cosmetic Surgery?

Thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery? You may be wondering whether you’ll receive any assistance from your health i......

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Private Health Insurance for Athletes and Sports Players

Are you an avid sports player?  Do you consider yourself an athlete? If so, odds are you have at least thought about ho......

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Low Income Health Care Card

Low Income Health Care Card: How to Qualify and Make a Claim

Key Points The Low Income Health Care Card helps people with lower incomes pay for a range of health-related costs. To q......

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Private Health Insurance For Men: What’s in it for me?

Finding the cheapest healthcare plan might seem like a good way to save some money, but it can end up costing you when i......

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Is Medicare Enough? Public vs. Private Health Care: Know Which is Right for You

Thinking about private health insurance but not sure where to start? Can you get by with Medicare or do you need further......

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Confused Couple Looking Over Health Cover

5 Private Health Insurance Myths Blowing your Budget

Health insurance can seem like a confusing, messy and scary business – especially when you could quite literally p......

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The Dos and Don’ts of Private Health Insurance

Let’s face it: health insurance can be hard to get your head around. It’s this confusion that leaves many Australian......

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How to Avoid the “Gap” When You Go to Hospital

Many people assume that Hospital cover will automatically pay for everything if you need to go into hospital but unless ......

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Taxes and Your Health Insurance

With a new tax year just around the corner, it’s worth thinking about how your health insurance can be affected by you......

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Happy Family With Health Cover

4 Treatments Your Family Needs on Their Health Cover

Compare Health Cover   Deciding what to include in your health insurance cover can be very confusing and many famil......

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Health Insurance for Smokers

Smoker’s Guide to Private Health Insurance Premiums

Smokers pay high prices for their cigarettes, but many Australians believe that they should pay high prices for health i......

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5 Ways to Save Big Money on Your Health Insurance

The rising costs of health insurance premiums means that many Australians are concerned about whether they can continue ......

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Woman Switching Health Cover

How to Switch Health Insurance

Over half of Australians have some degree of health insurance. Consumers have the option to shop around among multiple h......

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Medicare Levy vs Medicare Levy Surcharge

Medicare Levy and Medicare Levy Surcharge: What’s the Difference?

Australian citizens are subject to several taxes and fees, two of which are the Medicare Levy and the Medicare Levy Surc......

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Lifetime Health Cover Loading

Lifetime Health Cover Loading and You

Key Points The Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading applies to anyone who takes our hospital cover for the first time aft......

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Health Insurance for Couples

Compare Health Cover   Purchasing private health insurance limits out-of-pocket costs and gives you broader choices......

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Benefits of Private Health Insurance

Australian residents and some visitors on student or work visas have Medicare coverage to provide payment for their hosp......

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Private Health Insurance: Can You Avoid the Waiting Period?

Before you can make a claim through your private health insurer, you need to make sure your waiting period is over. Most......

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Medicare and Dental Cover

Medicare does not cover most out-of-hospital services and if you need any type of dental treatment, you will need Extras......

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Medicare Levy Surcharge

What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge?

Purchasing health insurance is a smart financial decision for many different reasons, but one of the many financial bene......

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Ombudsman Complaint Letter Templates

Many customers who invest in private health insurance are very happy and satisfied with the coverage and customer servic......

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How to Make a Health Insurance Claim

Private hospital insurance should provide cover for treatments received when you need hospital care, while Extras cover ......

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Private Health Insurance Ombudsman PHIO

When purchasing private health insurance, you have certain consumer rights. If your insurance company fails to follow th......

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Private Health Insurance for 30 Year Olds

Before you turn 30, private health insurance is more of a benefit than a necessity. For 30 year olds, however, the cost ......

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The Private Health Insurance Rebate

The private health insurance rebate is offered by the government for eligible Australians who hold a hospital or extras ......

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Guest Post: I Was Once a Health Insurance Sceptic

This is a guest post from Kirsty at My Home Truths.  —– I  was once healthy. Apart from being prescribed g......

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Hospital vs. Extras Cover

Medicare in Australia covers treatment at public hospitals, x-rays, pathology tests, and immunisations. It does not prov......

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Health Insurance for 485 Visas

If you are an international student who has recently graduated from an educational institution in Australia, you may wis......

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Health Insurance Waiting Periods

Private Health Insurance and Waiting Periods

When you buy private health insurance to cover hospital care or extras, you may be subject to waiting periods. Waiting p......

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Health Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions

Millions of Australians are covered by private health insurance. According to recent APRA figures, over 11 million Austr......

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Health Insurance: Everything You Need to Know About “The Gap”

Medicare covers for a portion of medical treatments, but it’s not designed to pay for everything. This is one reason p......

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Work Abroad with a 457 Visa

457 Visa Health Insurance

A 457 visa is the visa most commonly used when a foreign worker comes to Australia to temporarily join the workforce. Th......

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Orthodontics and Private Health Insurance

Orthodontia is a form of dentistry that focuses on studying and treating issues such as improper bites, tooth irregulari......

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Medicare vs Private Health Insurance

Medicare serves a valuable purpose in our healthcare landscape. It provides basic coverage for people who can’t afford......

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Tax treatment of Australian Private Health Coverage

Private health Insurance (PHI) has received generous tax treatment in Australia for the past 15 years. But belt-tighteni......

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Health Insurance and the Chronic Disease Management Program

People who live with chronic diseases may be faced with multiple doctor and hospital visits and treatments throughout th......

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What’s In It For Me? The Benefits of Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance has become increasingly popular in recent years. It gives an individual or his or her family ac......

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